A&B Improvements Shares: How to Fix and Avoid Ice Dams

There is always a certain fascination winter brings especially in places like North Dakota. However, it also brings with it some downside. Ice dams cause icicles formation and hang from the roof of your house. Having those pretty, pointy ice formations is indicative there’s something wrong underneath your roofing system.

Ice dams form when the upper part of your roof produces enough warmth to melt snow while eaves produce enough cold to freeze runoff into icicles. This buildup can lead to certain complications like mold, moisture, peeling paint, poor insulation, rotted roof and rafters, and even injury from falling spikes.

Here are some tips on how to fix and avoid ice dams and icicles:

  • High temperature from the attic causes snow to melt, which forms ice dams. Therefore, it is best to always keep the attic in cool. Contact Moorhead roofers to inspect for insulation.
  • Remove the snow before it melts using a snow rake. However, the results of this method are quite temporary.
  • Have heat tape or wire installed in a loop or wave-like pattern along the surface of the roof, along the eaves. The tape or wire warms up when plugged into an electrical system that creates channels to the ice to allow runoff. Through this method, you can avoid having water amassing on the roof.

A&B Improvements Ltd., the top among roofing companies in Moorhead MN, understands that ice dams result in icicles, which can be problematic. That is why we offer roofing services that will help balance the temperature inside the attic and diminish the chance of having melting snow packs on your roof.

For more information on how to deal with ice dams, you may call us at 701-235-6367. Check our website to know more about our products and services.

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