Commercial Roofing Series: Modified Bitumen

Commercial roofing requires a lot more thought and foresight because it has to protect significant investments. While there is a range of choices, it also makes it difficult to pick the right one. In this series, A&B Improvements focuses on modified bitumen, and look at its many benefits.

Commercial Roofing

What it is

Modified bitumen roofing became a popular option among roofing contractors in Fargo, ND,—and the rest of America—in the ‘70s. The “modified” refers to the addition of plastics and rubber polymers to the asphalt that binds the material together. It also consists of glass or polyester fibers that provide the strength of modified bitumen.

What its benefits are

There are many things that make modified bitumen a great commercial roofing option, including:

  • Assured Quality: Modified bitumen is factory-prefabricated into sheets. This allows for uniformity and consistency in the product. It also ensures that each sheet has undergone strict and careful quality control measures. The uniformity comes into play when the material is put in, ensuring a smooth installation.
  • Stronger Properties: The specific processes involved in the creation of modified bitumen make it a resilient material. It is flexible at colder temperatures and less affected by hotter temperatures. The material’s elasticity means it can adapt to any number of conditions that might afflict it.
  • Better Economy: The ease by which modified bitumen sheets are installed makes the material a cost-effective option. This material will last a long time.

Modified bitumen provides businesses with a durable, lasting option without having to exceed their budget. As the leading Fargo roofers, A&B Improvements is more than glad to give you all the information you need to pick the roof that’s perfect for your commercial establishment. Get in touch with us, and we’ll even throw in a free estimate.

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