Metal or Asphalt? Roofing Companies in Moorhead, MN Can Help Decide

The debate between metal and shingle for roofing has been raging for as long as these materials have been on the market. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it would be an advantage to be aware of them all. Regarding the stark differences between the two, an article from had this to say:

Despite the metal roofing industry’s growth and the products’ advantages, asphalt shingles remain a viable option.
In fact, McCarthy said he believes metal roofs are no better than a quality asphalt shingle.

“I know there’s quite a few people going with (metal). I wouldn’t say it’s a hot trend,” McCarthy said. He said on new construction products, his consumers almost exclusively use asphalt shingles.

McCarthy said that while metal roofs proclaim to last longer, a quality shingle with a good warranty can provide just as much financial security. He said both materials have their pros and cons.

McCarthy said metal roofs are prone to sun wear and hail damage, repairs can be difficult depending on the product, and while many are not flammable, firefighters don’t like them because they are difficult to breach.

metal vs shinglesDetermining which is better is a hotly contested issue. It can be confusing if you’re not privy to the specific details of each, especially considering that your home’s needs can be different from others. The safest option for people up north is to rely on roofing companies in Moorhead, MN to install the appropriate roof material based on current conditions.

At the moment, price for value is still the biggest factor that customers consider when they decide on what to buy. Metal presents long-term durability but at a more expensive entry price, while asphalt offers a shorter lifespan but at a smaller initial investment. Depending on how the market moves, this can still change drastically, so making this decision can be troublesome and you may not get what you’re paying for in the end.

Thankfully, you don’t need to make this choice by yourself. You can always consult roofing contractors from Fargo, ND like A & B Improvements, LTD to suggest the type of roofing that best fits your budget and your needs. You can also receive industry knowledge from them regarding trends and new ideas so you can make a more informed decision.

(From Metal vs. shingles for the roof: There’s lots to consider,, September 22, 2013)

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