How a Moorhead, MN Roofing Company Can Save A 61-year-old Auditorium

A report on WDAY discusses how heavy snowfall in the coming days could cause the roof of Concordia College’s Memorial Auditorium to fall in:

Roger Degerman- Concordia College Spokesperson: “We have discovered an issue in Memorial Auditorium to snow load capacity of the roof, and we want to get to the bottom of it so we’re working with structural engineering experts.”

Concordia AuditoriumAlan Dostert is not the expert Concordia is working with, but he does know our climate can bring on heavy, wet snow that can be very dangerous. Dostert: “It can happen in bar joice; metal roofs. It can happen in wood roofs. You just want to avoid getting them overloaded time and time again.”

Dostert says you can tell if a roof is failing sometimes moans and groans, creeks and cracks, but by then, it’s too late.

Built in 1952, the Memorial Auditorium has since experienced six decades of wear and tear. While the building is inherently stable and built to last, the fact remains that age and nature can wear down any structure. It has already shown signs of sagging due to years of snow piling up on its already fragile roof.

To prevent a catastrophe that could harm their students or staff, Concordia College will conduct a structural analysis. Afterwards, their next step should be to contract a reputable Moorhead, MN roofing company to commence repairs and restoration.

Returning this building to a brand-new state will take time. Fortunately, regular maintenance in the aftermath can extend its life and reduce costs in the long term. With a structure as old as the Memorial Auditorium, Concordia College should not settle for a low-cost, low-quality repair job.

The coming winter also means that residents with their own roofing problems need to solve them before they lead to worse damage; what starts out as a simple leak, for example, could spell disaster for homeowners. They should look into hiring reputable businesses like A&B Improvements, a Fargo, ND roofing company that also caters to Moorhead and other surrounding areas. Professionals like them are more than up to the task of restoring any roof, whether it’s that of a decades-old auditorium or a home bracing itself for heavy snowfall.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Concordia auditorium under analysis, WDAY, October 25, 2013)

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