More snow in spring – contact Moorhead roofers before it’s too late

It’s baffling news.

January-like Cold to Grip Midwest East Through Midweek Image

Just as spring officially started, biting cold weather reminiscent of January’s polar vortex came breezing over the Midwest, including North Dakota and Minnesota. It looks like residents will have to wait a while longer before being able to go out in just one or two layers of clothing. According to an article on

January-like cold will persist across the Midwest and East through the middle of this week. The cold will set the stage for more snow.

A cold front has erased the warmth from last Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures into Wednesday will be more appropriate for January across the Midwest and East and will allow snowfall in some communities.

Temperatures will average 15-30 F below normal in many locations from Fargo, N.D., Minneapolis and Chicago to Charlotte, N.C., New York City and Boston.

Duluth and International Falls, Minn., will experience multiple days with highs in the 20s and lows near zero or below this week.

This abrupt weather reversal has set everything off schedule. Homeowners who were ready for warmer weather have had to adjust their expectations and go back to the way life went two months ago. With things in such flux, it’s important to schedule an appointment with roofing companies in Moorhead MN to make sure that your home is still equipped to withstand more freezing temperatures and other types of severe weather.

Weather forecasters predict that some snow may fall over the area and this is not much good news for residents who are already weary of winter weather. If you have already detected missing shingles, leaks, or clogged gutters in your home, you must get them fixed immediately before another unexpected spring storm arrives. Fortunately, A&B Improvements, a dependable team of roofers in Moorhead, Glyndon, and Dilworth is just a phone call away and they can make urgent repairs for your roof and gutters immediately.


(Article Excerpt and Image From January-like Cold to Grip Midwest, East Through Midweek,, March 24, 2014)

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